Taqanu is an innovative digital identity solution; focusing on self sovereign digital identity.

With an identity formed using Blockchain and our Abacus Fabric technology;
 we are allowing for global access to financial and social services.

We believe that a digital ID is a basic human right


Over 1 billion people in the world cannot prove who they are

 Without an identity, access to essential and financial services is limited.
Twenty-two million of them are refugees who have fled from conflict or natural disasters.  
Even when welcomed physically - 

they are excluded socially and financially

They have no means to prove their identity.  
As a result, they remain disenfranchised, operating in the cash economy;
vulnerable to abuse and crime.


one such use case:

There are over 60 million refugees and displaced people today,
 the largest numbers since World War II.  

80% of these people are in developing countries where funding and resources to help are limited.
It can take years to integrate these individuals into society, and until this occurs,
their lives are on hold - and their talent goes to waste.

 improve the lives of refugees
using the latest digital, technological & risk-management techniques

to re-establish identity lost through displacement


Once their identity is re-established, they will be able to access essential services and
 accelerate their integration into new lives and new homes.

This use of technology will accelerate financial inclusion, 
and enable relief agencies to focus on their core mission.
Upon successful deployment with agencies -
the ecosystem is there for organisations,
to integrate their services with our APIs, dapps and smart contracts.