What are the goals of Taqanu?

Taqanu seeks to return social dignity to refugees and the disenfranchised. We are committed to ensuring that social impact is achieved, and in a manner that provides commercial and risk-management value for our stakeholders.

Taqanu aims to achieve the following:

  • Establish digital identities, and sub-sequential financial services, to refugees and others of the disenfranchised community.
  • Provide an efficient mechanism for transparent fund distribution; to International Aid agencies and other financial entities.
  • Help governments and other international bodies, establish innovative solutions to establish financial inclusion for all.

What does Taqanu do ?

By leveraging a range of new technologies, Taqanu is able to establish a trusted digital identity which updates and strengthens continuously. This is achieved using a sequence of less traditional data sources which establish, cross-reference, and verify identity; maintained in real time.

What is the current problem?

Today, relief funds are distributed by cheque or cash, with cheques then cashed at money exchanges. The exchange middle-persons charge high commissions, sometimes there are other individuals involved. This means that the recipients receive significantly less than intended and perpetuates the use of cash, to maintain financial exclusion. 

As the ‘trust’ in an individual’s identity improves over time through our verification procedures, access to other banking services, including cross-border remittances to home countries can follow.

What services will Taqanu offer for refugees?

Taqanu will offer a digital identity and verification (ID&V) solution, so that refugees can re-establish the financial identity that through displacement, they have lost or even never possessed.

It will also offer an e-money service, which will enable them to access the financial services required to rapidly establish themselves in their new home-countries. With ID&V trust will be established to utilise other necessary programs and services.