The Pineapple Fund — 5057 BTC donation & our application

First of all, what is the Pineapple Fund?

About 19 hours ago, at the writing on this post, Pineapplefund released a message on Reddit that he/she is giving away 5057 BTC to charitable causes.

Taqanu was among one of the early applicants after we found the post with about 6–7000 upvotes (7 hours after it was posted in /all) it is now has been shared by YCombinator and many twitter users as well.

Why does it matter in today day of age?

Because this is one of the purest tech-altruism actions coming out of the current Bitcoin bubble.

Lets call this person Mr/Mrs Pineapple as he/she is keeping their persona anonymous.

So, Mr/Mrs Pineapple was close to the birth of the BTC and ended up with way more money he could need and decided that the best would be to support organisations that help others. 
Our assumption is that giving money away with no strings attached (staying anonymous and not requesting to be part of the organisation’s Gala dinner and/or maybe not even on their mailing list ) is what makes this donation extremely unique.



“Because once you have enough money, money doesn’t matter.” (

Altruism ]. — the title of the first post by Taqanu.

Why to apply?

Simple. We could use the money. This is an awesome and honest proposal. And because luck only happens to those who hustle.

Our submission:

We are glad to share what we submitted for the application form by Mr Pineapple as we think that staying transparent is what can makes us stand out from the crowd of current blockchain fraudsters.

Also, because we could really overcome the challenge of raising funds and could be on our way to do an ICO.

Taqanu Application:

Is your organization a registered, nonprofit organization in your country?


What is the name of your organization or cause?


Pitch what you do in a sentence.

Blockchain based digital identity for refugees and disenfranchised people.

In what country are you incorporated in?


In what country/countries do your organization operate in?

(planned) Greece, Uk, Germany, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon — with contacts in all of them

Your name / who should we contact in regards to this application?

Balázs Némethi

Email address — (this is modified as privacy is important)

What is your role in the organization?


What is the maximum account you can accept, and reasonably use?

$1 million

What can you achieve with a donation of that size?

Pretty much everything. 
The hard truth is, raising money for an organisation that aims to help refugees is super hard and doing an ICO would be a way to not only “raise” money but to bring a lot more attention to our cause and get people “financially invested” to help refugees and others who are left behind. (I have not got the money yet to register an NGO in Germany — where I live now — as it costs 12,500€ so to be able to register for competition i spent 12£ in the UK for a LLC that was the cheapest) 
With this money we could hire the developers we agreed to work with (only they can not work for free much as they have mortgage), we could set up a foundation in Switzerland and make our own humanitarian ICO to launch our pilot in Greece with Elpida Camp, follow up with the developed tech to iNGO-s we engaged with already who are waiting to see out PoC. [ICRC, UNHCR, IRC, WV (World Vision), WFP, Oxfam, Mercys etc] and most importantly with the ICO we could give a free identity for everyone who needs it without a need to “subsidize” it with a complicated business model.

Do you need help accepting and converting bitcoin?

No, we know how already

This is the final part of this form. We will receive your application once you click submit. Let us know if you have any other questions or comments.

Spot for any questions or other comments …

I started the project because Hungary (my home) built a fence against refugees and I was ashamed and wanted to do something that can actually help the newcomers. If you see our website you will find that I might be the most famous entrepreneur without a product and yet finding the money to do it is still hard. Since day 1 I have not taken on any other “side job” have been living for the project and trying to make it happen. 
Would appreciate any chance to tell you more about my project, and the recognition it has already been accumulating.
Thank you.

Fingers Crossed!

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If you think you can help more — our BTC wallet address is below, and we would love to be shared within your investment networks. (only BTC)




Balázs Némethi — Founder — Taqanu

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