BAI finalist

The BAI Global Innovation Awards are designed to honor financial services companies for game-changing products, services and processes that are either new or have undergone significant improvements. Additionally, the innovation has demonstrated substantial benefit to either the organization or customer base.

Taqanu is among the finalist in the following 2 categories.  

Innovation in Societal and Community Impact

Innovations of this kind are tailor-made or enhanced products and services that provide new forms of accessibility to meet the needs of customers with special circumstances.

Examples could include: The removal of barriers to interaction or physical access, unlocking new financial access for an underserved population, investments in environmental or societal causes that benefit specific communities, connecting vulnerable customers with specialized opportunities, enabling a dramatic lift in the community service of the institution or even improving social and emotional well-being (for example, in times of disaster relief).


Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services

The disruptive innovation in financial services award recognizes a ground-breaking product, service or business model that disrupts business as usual, and provides financial products or services directly to consumers. Disruptive innovations are radical in nature and should have a global impact that reflects true industry breakthrough. For example, the incorporation of artificial intelligence or robotics to produce new capabilities, new uses for blockchain and ledger technology, implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) or new product and services bundling are considered disruptive innovations.


The award ceremony will take place in Atlanta US at the BAI Beacon on the 4-5th October. WIsh us good luck and see you there! 

Balazs Nemethi