Over 1 billion people in the world cannot prove who they are.

 Without an identity, access to essential and financial services, is limited.
Twenty-two million of them are refugees who have fled from conflict or natural disasters.  
Even when welcomed physically - 

they are excluded socially and financially.

They have no means to prove their identity.  
As a result, they remain disenfranchised, operating in the cash economy; vulnerable to abuse and crime.


Our vision is to improve the lives of refugees using the latest digital, technological and
risk-management techniques.

to re-establish identity lost through displacement.


Once their identity is re-established, they will be able to access essential services. 
This use of technology will accelerate financial inclusion,
and enable relief agencies to focus on their core mission.
Upon successful deployment with agencies - the service is designed
to enable anyone to establish a digital identity and gain access to a bank account.